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Swedish Environmental Research Insitute

IVL - Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB (IVL)

The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) is an independent research organisation, operated in the form of a limited non-profit company supported by the government and the Swedish industry. IVL also receives support for research via grants from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Nordic Council of Ministers and other grant awarding agencies. The in-house competence is wide, covering ecological, biological, chemical, physical, technical and socio-economic aspects of environmental issues. IVL has long and wide experience on priority substances and their behaviour in the environment and society. IVL is the Swedish representative in the European Network for Environmental Research Organisations, Enero.

IVL has participated in a number of EU projects within STEP, ENVIRONMENT, MAST and other programmes. One of the most recent involvements concerns the EU-wide project "Case Studies on the Development and Application of in-silico techniques for Environmental hazard and Risk assessment - CADASTER". The project aims at providing the practical guidance to integrated risk assessment by carrying out a full hazard and risk assessment for chemicals belonging to four compound classes.

Lead: Dr. John Munthe


Involvements in other EU-funded projects