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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

The IIQAB-Instituto de Investigaciones Quimicas y Ambientales de Barcelona is part of the CSIC, Spanish Council for Scientific Research. IIQAB is devoted mainly to environmental sciences, including environmental chemistry, eco-toxicology, fine chemistry, organic chemistry.

The investigation of the group Water Quality and Soil-Related Aspects Unit, led by Dr. Damià Barceló is focused on the development of new analytical and bioanalytical techniques for the determination of organic contaminants. The group is recognized as one of the most advanced groups at the European level in the field of chemical analysis, and study of behaviour, fate and impact of emerging contaminants in the environment. This has resulted in the participation in 33 EU projects since April 1994, with a total budget of approximately 5 million euros. The group has demonstrated experience in the coordination of projects and has been selected as a member of different working groups in the area of development of European legislation. The group has, among others, coordinated:

  • WASTE WATER CLUSTER (a cluster of 5 EU projects) from July 1997 to July 2001
  • EMCO, an EU-wide project running from July 2004 to July 2007
  • INNOVA-MED, which is implemented during the years 2007-2010


Involvements in other EU-funded projects