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Fundacao Coordenacao de Projetos Pesquisa e Estudos

Fundacao Coordenacao de Projetos Pesquisa e Estudos Technologicos (COPPETEC)

Grupo de Pesquisa em Tratamento de Resíduos(GETRES)

GETRES is a research group on waste treatment inside COPPETEC. Since 1998 it has been working on research and development of projects in the area of environment and geotechnical engineering and solid waste. GETRES objectives is to study technologies of solid waste treatment and disposal currently adopted in Brazil and other countries; discuss and exchange information within the context of alternative technologies for solid waste management; and to increase the equipment knowledge and solid waste technologies, monitoring, closing disposal areas, recycling and reuse of waste and refuse, etc..

GETRES is composed of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, agronomists, architects, biologists, chemistries, geologists and geographers who are active in research and consulting in areas such as:

  • Development of monitoring instruments for ground and solid wastes
  • Recycling and risk analysis projects
  • Waste pre-treatment and management of sanitary and industrial landfills and composting.

Lead: Prof. Dr. Claudio Mahler


Involvements in other EU-funded projects